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Diversity, Careers
and Social Value

Equality, diversity and inclusion, careers and social value resources, in partnership with Designing Buildings Wiki.


Business Support

Directories of Diverse

Find businesses providing minority-owned services to the built environment.


Network of Networks


Building People Communities

The Building People 'Network of Networks' brings together organisations and initiatives that provide built environment careers support to diverse audiences.

The Network consists of:

  • BAME Community
  • Ex-Military Community
  • Ex-Offender Community
  • Health, Safety and Wellbeing Community
  • LGBTQ+ Community
  • Refugee Community
  • Women Community
  • Youth Community


Founding Partners

Building People

The UK needs to build; there is a shortage of skilled workers and the workforce we have lacks diversity.

Building People is a free-to-use platform that aggregates built environment careers activity, enabling people to find knowledge, vacancies, events and opportunities, and employers to engage with a more diverse range of talent.

Building People is increasing diversity across the built environment, and we need you to join in by sharing your vacancies, events and resources, and by supporting us to develop and grow our product, services and network.

In the Spotlight

The Register of Tradeswomen

The register of tradeswomen a not-for-project company who seek to support and empower women and survivors of domestic abuse. The register was created to quantify the number of tradeswomen across the UK whilst all providing the option for all households to hire a tradeswomen.

Every time the register is used a small contribution goes towards the empowerment of women.

Through the register, they have created more access to training in skilled trades for women, especially survivors of abuse.

To find out more about joining the register, enquiring about training opportunities or hiring a tradeswoman, visit